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Promotion Enhancements

Published by DJ Steinmetz on January 20, 2023

Introducing new enhancements to increase flexibility of OrderCloud Promotions.

New Properties

  • AutoApply, default false

    • This new property enables customers to designate promotions as AutoApply, and set varying numeric Priority values which dictate the order in which promotions are automatically applied.

  • Active, default true

    • Promotions where Active = false will not be evaluated for either the .../applypromotions or .../eligiblepromotions endpoints, and will never be returned from v1/me/promotions. Designating a promotion Active = false prevents a buyer user from accessing the promotion, without deleting the record from your marketplace.

    • A newly deactivated promotion will also be removed from any Unsubmitted orders immediately following deactivation. The promotion data will remain accessible from the administrative endpoints, making for a good historical record, or for possible reactivation in the future.

  • Priority, nullable

    • The new Priority property on Promotions can be used to control the order in which promotions are applied when calling v1/orders/{direction}/{orderID}/applypromotions / v1/cart/applypromotions. There are no rules around the sequencing of Priority values.

New Endpoints

  • v1/orders/{direction}/{orderID}/eligiblepromotions and v1/cart/eligiblepromotions

    • The new endpoints enable listing eligible promotions for an order. This capability can support features such as displaying eligible promo codes to the buyer user during checkout, and many other UI driven promotion-based enhancements.

  • v1/orders/{direction}/{orderID}/applypromotions and v1/cart/applypromotions

    • When you have a number of promotions designated as AutoApply, whenever you want to attempt to apply these promotions to an order, you call the new respective endpoint above. This will fetch all eligible promotions where AutoApply = true, sorted by Priority and attempt to apply them to the order one by one. Promotions where Priority = null will be evaluated last. The Order model is then returned from this call, enabling the developer to display the new PromotionDiscount in the UI. The maximum number of promotions that will be applied to an order in a single API call is 100.

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