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Order Synchronization

Published by Marc Bednar on September 26, 2023


This feature allows you to synchronize your orders with the associated delivery configuration mechanism of your choice.  This way, you will be notified anytime an order is submitted and of any changes it incurs in the future. 

Leveraging this feature allows you to integrate the order processing process with your internal systems.

Add a Connection to OrderCloud

  1. You must have an OrderCloud production marketplace.

  2. You must create a DeliveryConfiguration that enables one of the delivery mechanisms.

  3. You must enable OrderSync using the API described later in this document.

New Properties


  "DeliveryConfigID": "", 
  "ConfigData": "" 

New Endpoints

  • GET /integrations/OrderSync

  • PUT /integrations/OrderSync

  • PATCH /integrations/OrderSync

  • DELETE /integrations/OrderSync

For more in formation, see Order Sync API Reference

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