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Error Configuration

Published by Marc Bednar on December 7, 2023

Last updated on January 22, 2024


Error configuration allows you to define a marketplace level delivery configuration which will deliver customer specific errors regarding asynchronous operations to the custom delivery target of your choosing. A great debugging tool when setting up a marketplace with asynchronous integration endpoints.

The following delivery targets would be appropriate for this:

  • Kafka

  • EventHub

  • Http endpoint

  • Azure Blob

This can serve as a great developer debugging aid for asynchronous tasks such as when setting up webhooks or when enabling some OrderCloud integrations.  As an example, you can create a delivery configuration with a delivery target consisting of an Azure Blob endpoint.  If a webhook fails to fire or an integration fails to reach its endpoint, the error will be logged to the defined delivery targets of the ErrorConfig.  In this case, the Azure Blob.  This can provide valuable information to aid when setting up OrderCloud integration points.

New Properties



"DeliveryConfigID": DeliveryConfigID


New Endpoints

  • GET /integrations/errorconfig

  • PUT /integrations/errorconfig

  • DELETE /integrations/errorconfig

  • POST /integrations/errorconfig/validate

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